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Dairy Farm

On that divine and holy day of Kartak Sud 3rd of Vikram Sawant 2016(1959), Param Poojya shri Narayan Bapuji arrived on this holy land of Tajpura, and from that day on the order of God, Param Poojya shri Bapuji stayed in this deadly forest. By the grace of God Poojya Bapuji residing in meditation and samadhi and by that divine resolution created by destiny, since the arrangement of cow’s milk for Param Poojya  Bapuji was arranged here, the blessings of the cow mother and the grace of Param Poojai Narayan Bapuji rained on this earth.

At the beginning of Param Pujya Narayan Bapuji’s Narayan Yoga Ashram, there was one cow, then there were eleven cows in the ashram, whose services were provided at a great care by the grace of Param Pujya Narayan Bapuji. A full-fledged eye hospital for eye care and treatment and free tea, snacks and meals were provided to the patients for eye treatment, so for that milk had to be bought from outside for the patients, hence fulfledge Gaushala was established.

How Goushala Started

Ever since the ashram came into existence by the grace of Param Poojya shri Narayan Bapji, the service of Cow Mata, Sushrisha and Cow Mata Puja was done in the Ashram and at the present place a full-fledged Sri Narayan Gir Gau shala is established and got a great opportunity to serve Cow Mata.

When was it started?

As mentioned earlier, with the arrival of Param Poojya shri Narayan Bapji, the auspicious beginning of the service of cow mother took place on this divine platform and soon a full-fledged Shri Narayan Gir Gou Shala was established here.

How much Cow at the Started

It was said earlier that in the initial stage there was only one cow, then it increased to eleven cows in the ashram

How much Cow at present
Presently there are about 280 Gir cows and about 120 calves/heifers of Gir cows and about 50 Nandi in Sri Narayan Gir Gaushala.

Breed of Cows
At present all the cows are of GIR breed and their calves are calved in Sri Narayan Gir Gou Shala.

Product of Gaushala
As mentioned earlier, the main purpose of the Gaushala was to get milk, curd, buttermilk from the Gaushala.  This product was only for the service of cows and eye patients. In addition to cow’s milk, cow dung, butter, cheese, jivamrut, dhan jivamrut, vermi compound fertilizer and Biogas, slurry etc. are produced.

Area of Gaushala
The present Shree Narayan Gir Gaushala is situated in twenty one acres of land with a beautiful entrance gate, a large shed for the mother cow’s residence, a large godown for dry grass, a Nandi house, a biogas plant, a large water tank for the cow school, quarters for the workers of the cow school. And green grass is a beautiful fodder system for mother cows.

Food for Cattles

  • Maize bhardo, tuvar/bean choori, maize husk cotton husk, jaggery, salt, mineral mix etc, all these items are given on daily basis to cow.
  • Periodically – turmeric, black cumin, ashwagandha, satavari, muleti, white muesli baking soda, ajmo, mustard oil, etc are given.
  • Green fodder includes napier, gajraj grass, bullet grass, sugarcane, maize stalk, ginvo etc is given per cow.
  • Soybean, guava, paddy, millet are given as dry fodder.
  • Deworming is given every 3 months.
  • Ayurvedic liver tonics are given from time to time.
  • Neem casks and camphor, google are incensed so that the atmosphere remains pure
  • The crib is washed daily
  • Each cow is fed in a separate bucket.
  • The calf/heifer is accommodated with the cow
  • 14 Cows and 1 Nandi are one walla of 15 animals, there are currently 13 walla and 50 walla are planned in future.
  • Once you visit for cleaning, you will say that Gaumata is really well preserved with well-maintained hygienic area.

Other facilities of Gaushala

In Shree Narayan Gir Gaushala, cows are taken care very regularly, especially cows are regularly examined by doctors, health care is taken for the health of each and every cow.

Number of Care takers

Shree Narayan Gir Gaushala  has around 35 to 40 care workers including milking cows, cleaning the cow troughs, bathing and washing the cows and also workers who cultivate green fodder for the cow school.

Future planning

India is an agriculture base country, especially the country should turn towards natural farming and with the noble purpose of creating a healthy and best India, the organization has entered into an MoU with the Natural Agriculture University of Gujarat Government to encourage more and more farmers to turn to natural farming and the sages of India. And the good aim of the organization is to offer a small offering in the yagna of human welfare that Lord Krishna in the incarnation of Krishna. You too can offer an offering from your body, mind, and monetory.