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Infrastructure & Facilities

Shree Narayan Eye Hospital– Tajpura, Having Arrangement of 315 Beds, We have Following Instruments For Operation Theater (OT) and O.P.D.

Out Door Patients:
At Narayan Eye Hospital – Tajpura following Eye Related OPD Treatments Carried Out with 11+2 Consulting Rooms: Doctors Will available during 8 AM to 12 Noon and 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM except Friday. All medicines & Treatment at NO Cost.

  1. Spectacle Numbers
  2. Follow up with Free Spectacle
  3. Laser Treatments
  4. Retinopathy
Surgery Cataract /Pterygium/DCR/Glaucoma/ Laser/ Retino Detachment (RD) / Vitrectomy, Pediatric Eye Surgery etc. We are also providing Avasthin injection treatment at NO Cost.
A-Scan Machine6
20 D 8
90 D 6
Schioetz tonometer5
Perkins tonometer 5
Indirect Ophthalmoscope Appasamy (Wire / Wireless)5
Slit lamp10
Chair Unit 9
OCT Machine1
B-Scan1 No RT View.
Yag PI Machine1
Auto / Manual Grinder1+3
ETO Machine 1

Narayan Eye Hospital Eye Surgery Carried Out in 4 Operation Theatres with well-equipped 13 Sets of Surgery Tables.

Phaco Machine6
Air Condition20 + 11 (OPD)
Air Filter17
Fumigator Machine3
O.T Table32
Cataract Surgery Set300
Electric Washing Machine – 50 kgs1
Wheel Chair 8
Battery Rixshow1
DCR Surgery Set5
Head Light 2
Laser Machine Bio Medix Iriden L101
Steam Operated Autoclave (4 Drums)1
Auto Tonometer (Reichert 7)1
Hydro Extractor1
Electric Cloth Dryer Machine 1
Softwater Plant 2
Retina Microscope1
Vitrectomy Machines Appa & RetiCare1 No each
Compressor2 Nos Appasamy
Anesthesia Trolley1
Monitor Machine1
Suction Machine2
Electric Cautery Alan2