Hospital History

How It All Started

Pujya Bapuji had a cataract in on of his eye. His personal suffering made him realise about the same among the poor people. Having his eye operated, Pujya Bapuji determined to start an eye Hospital – Tajpura, to treat the needy and poor patients free of charge on purely humanitarian grounds to gift the precious gem of eye back to such patients with his motto started “Shree Narayan Eye Hospital – Tajpura” at Tajpura. Initially, the patients were treated through ‘Netrayagnas’. Then they were operated on every Monday. Pujya Bapuji dreamt of further expansion and now the General Hospital – Tajpura has nearly 585 beds and facilities like; a huge waiting hall, separate wards for both the genders, ultra-modern operation theatre and a kitchen.

We are having mechanised kitchen using pipe line gas (LPG), small steam boiler and stainless steel cooking equipments for 500 kgs. Rice, 300 kgs Dal & 300 kgs subji to cater 2000 persons lunch & dinner every day. Also having Roti maker machine with capacity 900 Roti per hour.

Today and Shree Narayan Eye Hospital-Tajpura serves to the patients from different states and regions of India without and discrimination of caste, creed, color, rich or poor the companions to the patients are also provided free boarding, lodging facilities and free bus service.

Tajpura and Shree Narayan Eye Hospital-Tajpura has become the landmarks for the patients of cataracts who in return bestow their spontaneous blessings after having regained their vision. They also share and promote the same humanitarian endeavour among their near and dear ones.

The devotees and the loved ones of Pujya Bapuji belive that the institution is run by the blessings of venerated Pujya Bapuji. But Pujya Bapuji formally believed that it’s all due to the divine intervention of the God and his mercy and love for his children. We should always be ready to serve such an institution from our heart, soul and by all possible means.

Personal Experience of Pujya Bapu

Bapu had gone to ‘Chitrakuta’ for Pradakshina and he felt the effect of ‘Motia / Catract’ in his eyes. It was becoming difficult for him to work. For bath also he had to take assistance of others. Therefore he underwent ‘Catract’ operation of one eye,. at ‘Sitapur’ (U.P.) hospital. After sometime another eye ‘Catract’ operation was also done at Rajendra Hospital ‘Patiala’ Punjab. Thus big difficult problem of eyes was removed.


From this experience he felt that if I have faced such a difficulty due to the problem of eyes, what difficulties the tribal (Adivasi), Poor people must be facing due to such problem of eyes. The poor people may not be having money to solve the problem for operation & medicines, etc. When they are not able to see properly they will not be able to go for work and if family members feed him he will get the food. Personally experiencing this difficulty Pujya Bapuji’s ‘Heart’ was crying!!! (We have seen & heard eyes crying!!!) He was so much moved with the feelings that he told people if you want to Serve people then open “Eye Hospital”, arrange for operations, as eyes are precious & invaluable, & related matters. You should organise to develop fully facilitated hospital for eyes, here in Tajpura without any fees or charges/free of cost, then only poor people will be able to get benefit and they will lead old age life without depending on anyone. You should also make arrangements for free food for patients. It you arrange for their (Patients) stay for seven days with food that only will bring back light (clear vision) in their eyes. If this will be arranged free of cost then only poor people will be able to take advantage of the same.

The devotee organisers replied that this is a difficult task and it will require huge funds / finances.

Listening this Pujya Bapuji replied / said; “Parhit Ba Se Jinke Maanmahi, Tinhke Jag Durlabh Kachu Nahi.”

If you will Leave (Dwesh) Jea’lousy & (Ahankar) Ego and work with real / true zeal, almighty is there to help you. If you all are not confident for the type of work, I will provide guidance for the same. For almost two years Bapuji used to reach food to the Patients in General Hospital & Eye Hospital. If there is absence of helpers & cook then Bapuji used to cook & help by himself and prepare food for patients and serve it.

In view of the missionary work of Bapuji, the organisers developed a trust for the purpose.

When Bapuji explained the importance and utility of such a hospital people / devotees deeply appreciated the feelings of Bapu and initiated the realisation the ‘Noble Dream’. In 1976 the foundation stone, for the Eye Hospital, was laid and within six months the hospital construction was completed. The regular free of cost eye operation work was started on ‘Dhan Terash’ day in the same year.