List of Visiting Doctors at Narayan Hospital, Tajpura.

Sr. No. Doctor’s Name Qualification Visiting
Cataract with SICS & Phaco
1 Dr Ankurchandra A Mishra M.S.(Ophth.) All Six Day
2 Dr Dharmikbhai R. Sharma DNB(Ophth.) All Six days
3 Dr Chetanbhai S. Chauhan DO M.S(Ophth.) All Six days
4 Dr Ravibhai S. Shekhar DNB (Ophth.) F.C.O (DN) All Six days
5 Dr Dharaben D. Pandya M.D. DO(Ophth.) All Six days
6 Dr Vishalbhai Panchal DNB(Ophth.) Monday And Wednesday
7 Dr.Shyamaben P Adresha M.S.(Ophth.) Saturday, Sunday
8 Dr Parthvi Shah DNB(Ophth.) Tuesday,Thursday
9 Dr Upasana Patel DNB(Ophth.) Wednesday,Friday
10 Dr Nabilah A Sareshwala M.S(Ophth.) Thursday
Pediatric Cataract
11 Dr Maitriben P. Modi M.S.(Ophth.) Tuesday
12 Dr Rajan N Chhanpura M.B.B.S, Diploma in Anaesthesia Tuesday
13 Dr Tapan M.B.B.S,MD (Anaesthesia) Wednesday
14 Dr Gazala Hasan Mansuri M.S(Ophth.)F.V.R.S All Six Day
15 Dr Ritu N. Shah M.S(Ophth.)F.V.R.S All Six days
16 Dr Anal R. Shah M.S(Ophth.) FICO,FAICO,F.V.R.S Monday To Thuseday
17 Dr. Meeta Sachin Mungale M.S.(Ophth.) DNB,S.F.C (LVPEI) Tuesday
Opthalmic Team
18 Dr Hareshbhai N Kapadiya D.O.(Ophth.) Monday
19 Dr Vishesh Ajmera D.O(Ophth.) All Six days
20 Dr Atulbhai Joshi B.A.M.S All Six days