We are providing formal education as well as training at Shree Narayan Eye Hospital.
Tajpura ranging from One month to Six months.

The Training Doctor will be an integral part of Surgical Ophthalmology Service (SOS). The patients will be attended right from OPD, Screening, Pre-Operation test & preparation, Surgery & Post-Operation patient care. Trainee Doctor also need to take care when patient will be visiting hospital for follow up treatments.

Learn at Shree Narayan Eye Hospital – Tajpura, and be all ready to transform lives with your service.

Sr.NoCourseEligibilityCourse DurationFees/ Renumeration
1Catract Surgery – SICS 25-30 CasesM.S.Opthalmology OR D. O. M. S.1 MonthFees
2Catract Surgery – Phaco 25-30 CasesM.S.Opthalmology OR D. O. M. S.1 MonthFees
3Ophthalmoscope & Lasers
Nos. of FFA: 30
Nos. of Diabetic Laser: 25-30
M.S.Opthalmology OR D. O. M. S1 MonthFees
4Medical Retina Include Digital Angiography OCT, Indirect Laser, Intravitreal Injections.M.S.Opthalmology OR D. O. M. S.6 MonthsFees
per Month

Training Doctor’s working hours will be 8.00 am to 8.00 pm.

Weekly off day will be Friday.

Accommodation & Canteen facility will be provided at NO Cost.